At one time, the Lensen Group LTD Company was a mere startup and has now grown to invest in small companies instead. It was built and runs by our team of IT professionals, each of whom specializes in a particular industry.

Despite our divergent interests, we share one focus: the ongoing growth and development of information technology. The natural response was to launch a company dedicated to IT investments, but we did not want to limit it to just us. With the popularity of the IT field today, we wanted to make sure that others would have the opportunity to invest right along with us. This is why we created Lensen Group LTD and why we continue to improve it all the time.

Now, Lensen Group LTD enjoys considerable success and has a great future ahead. We offer lucrative solutions for investors as well as supporting technological pursuits in many areas. By lending money to startup companies and crowdfunding new ideas, we have a hand in the improvement of the modern world.

After you deposit your initial investment, Lensen Group LTD uses 30% of it for distribution payments to other participants. The remaining 70% is used as your investment portfolio managed by our financial experts.

This team is dedicated to creating unique portfolio strategies that will get you the highest return on your investment in the IT industry.

Starting an account with us is quick, simple, and does not require sharing a bunch of personal details. We want the process to be as accessible and comfortable as possible for everyone.

We accept investments from just $10 to $200,000 in a single deposit. You are allowed to make as many deposits as you are comfortable with. We offering two investment plans.

105% After 10 Calendar Days

Payment Days: From Monday to Sunday
Total Return: 105% Total Return (5% Net)
Withdraw type: Manual
Min - Max Withdrawal: $0.1 (0.00015 BTC) - No Limit
Min - Max Deposit: $10 - $10,000   (0.02 BTC - 16.66 BTC)

4.5% DAILY
4.5% Daily For 30 Business Days

Payment Days: From Monday to Friday
Total Return: 135% Total Return (35% Net)
Withdraw type: Manual
Min - Max Withdrawal: $0.1 (0.00015 BTC) - No Limit
Min - Max Deposit: $10 - $50,000   (0.02 BTC - 83.33 BTC)

25% Weekly For 6 Weeks

Payment Days: From Monday to Sunday
Total Return: 150% Total Return (50% Net)
Withdraw type: Manual
Min - Max Withdrawal: $0.1 (0.00015 BTC) - No Limit
Min - Max Deposit: $50 - $200,000   (0.084 BTC - 333.33 BTC)

Lensen Group LTD accepts deposits from a wide selection of payment processors.

  • Bitcoin
  • Payeer
  • Perfect Money
  • AdvancedCash

Complete the transaction through the payment system of your choice and then wait for it to be active in your Lensen Group LTD dashboard. This usually takes just a few minutes to complete, but some deposits can take up to 2 hours. Immediately, your interest will begin to show up in your account. You can watch it add up in real time on your dashboard so you always know exactly how much you have earned. Withdrawals can be made at any time as long as you have the required minimum amount for the particular payment processor you used.

Payeer and Perfect Money allow withdrawals at just $0.10.

Bitcoin allows withdrawals of 0.00015 BTC.

Every single person you refer and every person they refer will earn you money as well. If you wish to take advantage of this great opportunity and share it with people you know, navigate to the Referral Chain section of your dashboard and select some of the useful advertising materials to use.

Lensen Group LTD offers multiple levels of referral earnings. Whenever you invite someone to the system, you earn a percentage of what they earn. If that person invites someone under them, they are your second level referral and also earn you money. Three levels of referrals earn you bonuses and percentages based on their earnings, their deposits, and activity. You earn the rewards right away as soon as other's deposits are processed.

First level Referrals get you 10% of their investment amount.
Second level Referrals get you 2% of their investment amount.
Third level Referrals get you 1% of their investment amount.

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