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Our system offers automatic functions, so no personal information is necessary to input anywhere during the registration process. Just fill in some basic information in the appropriate fields and click on "Sign Up." Your personal dashboard control panel will load right away.

Please begin by reading the How to Begin section carefully as your questions are answered there.

No. You can make as many deposits as you want from a wide selection of payment systems. Remember that withdrawals will only be available through processors you used to make deposits with. All of this information can be tracked on your Withdrawal page.

No, multiple accounts are not allowed. One account for each computer and each person who gets involved with our services. Lensen Group LTD rules about this and other topics must be followed if you want to stay in good standing. Multiple accounts from one computer or one individual will result in account closure and deactivation. Deposits will be refunded but not percentage earnings on top of that.

Yes, as long as there is no referral relationship between the two of you.

Of course. We offer a password recovery form to help.

Please contact customer support. In order to maintain proper security for all our members, you will need to verify some information before your log-in email is recovered.

We do not allow email address changes for security purposes. If you can no longer use the email you signed up with, we will block the associated account and refund the money to the proper payment account. Identity verification will be necessary in order to do this, so expect to answer some questions and give other revealing details about the account in question.

No. Lensen Group LTD acts as an investment advisor who picks the best possible companies to invest in. We do not share the contents of our portfolio or the strategies we use to choose options. This is done to minimize negative effects from competition in the investment industry. Because there is so much fast and easy money to be made, portfolio management methods are guarded.

We work with a wide range of payment processors, each with their own sign up and use instructions. These can be found at the websites of the payment processors themselves or through video tutorials or walkthroughs on YouTube. Registration and fun handling should be covered in detail for you.

Transferring money from PayPal or credit card to other payment processors is quite simple. Read the documentation at the particular websites to learn how it is done. You can also do a search for a money exchange website with a good reputation. These allow payment site funding through credit cards and wire transfers in many cases.

It might be difficult to understand for someone who has never heard of crypto-currency before, but Bitcoin is virtual money that operates outside of other financial currency systems. The best way to understand it is to read the information at Bitcoin.org, the official website.

Unfortunately, no. All of our Bitcoin transactions are completed in BTC. When you withdraw the deposits or earnings, you get BTC right away with no conversion done at all. You will never lose any of the value of your money because of bitcoin to dollar exchange rates.

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