Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy covers all practices in reference to the handling of your personal information, why we take the steps we use, and how that information may be used by us. Any use on your part of Lensen Group LTD services indicates that you read, understood, and accepted this Privacy Policy and all terms explained within. Lensen Group LTD retains the right to modify, add to or subtract from this policy at any time without express notice or explanation.

How Data and Information Is Collected

Certain types of information are collected whenever you visit the website. This includes data sent automatically by your computer, tablet, smart phone, or other device. This information could include but is not limited to your IP address, Internet browser choice, device information such as ID number, operating system, mobile network, and physical location. We use tracking software to determine which pages on our site you visited.

During the registration process, additional information is collected:

  • Your chosen username, email address.
  • Account information for the payment processors that you use to make deposits and withdrawals.

General information about your computer or other device may be gathered when you use the Lensen Group LTD website. This helps to ensure security and the best possible experience when you complete transactions or navigate to the different pages.

As a fraud or identity theft prevention measure, we record information about your use of the website. This can include the link you clicked to come to it, which page you started out on, which pages you access during each visit, the links you clicked, and the actions you completed. Communication with customer service representatives, investment consultants, and any other people associated with the website is likewise collected and saved.

Cookie Use

The Lensen Group LTD website does use cookies to track your movement on our pages. These are small data files placed on your computer, tablet, or smart phone temporarily when you navigate to our site. This is completely safe technology and provides very useful information.

  • They remember your account information for log in purposes.
  • They can help deliver a personalized experience in your account dashboard.
  • They help us collect data about site access to help prevent fraud and hacking.

Both session-based and permanent cookies are used when you navigate to the Lensen Group LTD website. The first variety disappears when you close the site or your Internet browser. The second variety, with a unique expiration date or may stay on your computer until they are deleted by you.

All data gathered by cookies is encrypted so that it can be accessed only by us for the purposes outlined above. Internet browsers do give users the option to disable cookies, but this may adversely affect your use of the Lensen Group LTD website, especially log in pages and your user dashboard. If you wish to disable the cookies anyway, navigate to your Internet browsers help documentation and follow the instructions found there.

Storage and Protection for Your Personal Information

The term "personal data" is used to refer to any information that can be used to identify you as an individual. Anonymous data or generalized data that cannot be used to indicate a specific person is not considered personal data.

All personal data is stored on-site in our Netherlands servers. We follow all local and federal laws that pertain to the physical, legal, and programmable security options specifically used for personal data storage. These include professional encryption, firewalls, and limited real access to the servers and computers that can access them. Only employees who are deemed reputable and to require access to the personal data in order to carry out their duties have access.

Personal Information Collection Methods

The only reason we collect personal data from our website and service users is to deliver the best possible experience while maintaining complete security and efficiency. The information we collect could be used in the following manners:

  • To provide the services offered by Lensen Group LTD to customers
  • To offer technical support when necessary
  • To solve problems, complaints, and to troubleshoot issues
  • To process transactions, except deposits, and allow withdrawals will
  • To personalize the experience for every user who logs into an account
  • For information verification practices that prevent unauthorized access

All of the personal data submitted to the Lensen Group LTD website can be accessed by the user from their account dashboard.

Any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or any of the information contained within should be sent to our customer service department. We would be happy to help you in any way possible to feel confident with all of your Lensen Group LTD transactions.